So You Think You Can Dance, July 29th, Top 6

As of now, I am thinking, my favorite Male Dancer this season is Brandon Bryant.  My favorite female dancer this season is Jeanine Mason.

I have a strange feeling, that Evan Kaspirzak has been pulling in more votes than any of the other guy dancers this year.  I think he has a huge following because his own personal style, when he does his solos, is so incredible.

Even though, Brandon is my favorite male dancer this year, I think, he doesn’t make a good impression every time he is asked to speak into the microphone.  I think he would make a better impression if he didn’t talk.  The time he said he was just seeing birds and clouds or something like that when the choreographer was trying to teach him the dance.  (What kind of a comment was that to make in front of The World).

I think Ade Obayomi has enormous potential and could become way better than he already is.  However, I think Brandon is better and I think Evan has more fans.  I think Ade will be the one who will get voted-off tomorrow night.

I like everything about Kayla Radomski except for her solos.  I think every one of her solos was only fast.  Tonights was fast and spastic.  I always think she needs a choreographer, otherwise, what she comes up with will just be all at a fast speed.  When she is matched with an incredible choreographer and partner, I think she is the tops.

I love everything about Melissa Sandrig.  However, I think she does not, WOW, the audience as much as Kayla and Jeanine do.  I have a feeling Melissa will get voted-off tomorrow night.

I think Jeanine is extremely talented and versatile.  She seems to be able to do everything.  I think she is really good at hip hop. Many of the females aren’t able to do the hip hop routines well.  I really like Jeanine’s solos.

Written by:  Dawn Perucca


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