So You Think You Can Dance, July 15th, Top 10

I thought Brandon, Ade, Melissa, Jeanine, Kayla and Janette emerged as individuals who can seem to handle anything that is thrown at them.  I thought Evan held his own.  I thought Jason was much improved.  In my opinion, Randi didn’t shine as much this week as she has in past weeks and Kupono was not prepared for tonights competition.  He seemed like he needed much more time to prepare and he seemed like he lacked strength and energy. 

1.  Jason Glover & Jeanine Mason: 
     I thought this routine was the most outstanding routine of the night.  I
     loved the choreography and the dancing was incredible.  Jason seemed
     to be using much more of the stage.  He was moving about more
     fiercely.  He seemed to be in charge.  I think those qualities are what he 
     has been lacking up until now.  I think Jeanine is extremely well-
     rounded.  She seems to be able to carry-off being quirky, fun, sexy,
     quick, precise &  mysterious. 

2.  Brandon Bryant & Melissa Sandrig:
     I was expecting Brandon to do an incredible job and he did.  I was
     expecting Melissa to not lose her ballerina quality.  I thought she 
     wouldn’t be able to appear to be someone who is dancing a 70’s
     dance.  She pulled-it-off though.  She did seem very hippy-like.  I loved
     the costumes and Melissa’s make-up.

3.  Ade Obayomi & Janette Manrara:
     I thought without Brandon as a partner,  Janette might not shine as
     much.  Out of all of the girls who have been in this competition, Janette,
     is  the one who seems the most tom-boyish to me.  I don’t think she has
     the feminine and sensual qualities that Melissa has, consequently, I think
     she will lose votes because of that.  However, she can really dance and I
     thought she danced really well with Ade.  Ade’s solos last week and this
     week really impressed me.  As of now, I am thinking my favorite male
     dancer on this show is Brandon and my second favorite male dancer on 
     this show is Ade.

4.  Evan Kaspirzak & Kayla Radomski:
     I thought the red dress on Kayla was the perfect color for her to wear.  I
     thought she was just fabulous.  I don’t know how she could have danced
     any better.  Evan danced with her better than I thought he would  I 
     was glad she was partnered with someone who has enough strength to
     allow her to do the lifts she did.  Yeah, his footwork was not
     gliding across the floor; but, I think he has a huge fan base because he
     dances a lot like Gene Kelly and when he is dancing his own style, he
     is really incredible.

5.  Kupono Aweau & Randi Evans: 
     Kupono did not impress me tonight.  I think he should be the one who
     gets voted-off tomorrow night.  I felt bad for Randi, because she has
     done some really amazing dancing before tonight.  I felt like she and
     Kupono were not clicking.

I have a feeling Kupono and Randi will be voted off tomorrow night. 

I really don’t have a favorite female dancer this year.  I love them all.

Written by:  Dawn Perucca


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