So You Think You Can Dance, June 17th, Top 18

Written by:  Dawn Perucca

The couples I thought stood out above the rest were:

Max Kapitannidor & Kayla Radomski:
     I think she is phenominal.  I thought he did a fantastic job, but, didn’t quite keep up with her.  I thought he wasn’t dancing quite masculine enough.  I totally loved the choreography.  It was weird, quirky and interesting.  This routine grabbed and held my attention.

Brandon Bryant & Janette Manrara:
     As soon as they started dancing, I thought, Brandon is a natural at this style of dance.  He looks like this is what he has been doing for decades.  I assumed there would be some phenominal lifts in this routine because he is so strong and she is so petite and there was.  I thought she did a great job, but, Brandon was the one who really impressed me.

Jonathon Platero & Karla Garcia:
     I thought this routine was totally awesome.  They both looked like this is the style of dance they are experts at.  I thought they danced very well together. 

Ade Obayomi & Melissa Sandrig:
     I thought this routine and how they danced it was awesome.  I thought it was great that Sonya gave the man a role that was challenging and he did a lot more than just lead her.

For me, the middle of the pack couples were:

Evan Kaspirzak & Randi Evans:
     I really enjoyed watching this routine, but agreed with the judges when they said Evan’s smooth dance style wasn’t appropriate for this routine.  I loved it when Evan jumped over Randi, I didn’t even see that coming.  I thought Randi did a great job.

Vitolio Jeune & Asuka Kondoh:
     I thought she was flawless.  I thought he was not quite smooth enough.  I did think they both did a great job with throwing emotion into the dance.

The couples who I thought weren’t quite as good as the rest:

Phillip Chbeeb & Jeanine Mason:
     I thought Jeanine was awesome.  I have always loved watching people dance ‘The Tango’ and I thought the choreography for this one was exceptional.  I was really glad Phillip had the opportunity to add his personal flare in the routine toward the end.  Unfortunately, Phillip didn’t dance as well as he should have.  I was disappointed, because, last week, he seemed unstoppable.  After last week, I was thinking, he would probably be one of the last ones standing in this competition.  I hope he will be able to shine in other ballroom styles.

Kupono Aweau & Ashley Valerio:
I thought she did a really good job, but, he wasn’t keeping up with her.

Jason Glover & Caitlin Kinney:
     I enjoyed watching them dance this routine and I thought they both danced it well, however, it didn’t really seem very hip-hoppy to me.  It seemed kind of goody-2-shoes and cheerleader-like to me.

Dawn Perucca



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