So You Think You Can Dance, June 10th, Top 20

By:  Dawn Perucca

I had every intention of ranking the 10 couples on So You Think You Can
Dance tonight, but, I really didn’t have a favorite.  I absolutely loved 6 of the 10 routines.  I think I will just list my favorite ones in one category and the ones that I thought weren’t as good in a different category.  I am extremely impressed with all of the Top 20 Contestants.  Each of them has obviously put a lot of time, effort and passion into dancing.

The Dance Routines that I thought were phenominal:

Phillip Chbeeb & Jeanine Mason:
Phillip was extraordinary.  He certainly adds extra fare and personal style to the steps that have been given to him and I loved it.  Jeanine really did keep up with him. 

Evan Kaspirzak & Randi Evans:
I thought both of them were phenominal and they danced really well together.  They were both (non-boring).  They each added their own personal style to the steps they had been given.

Jason Glover & Caitlin Kinney:
I loved last years Ballywood routine and I loved this years Ballywood routine.  I hope there are more Ballywood routines this season.  They are so interesting to watch.  I thought they both danced this extremely well.

Kupono Aweau & Ashley Valerio:
When I heard they were going to be dancing as crash test dummies, one broken-up and one new and sparkly, I was thinking, how the heck would someone dance like a crash test dummy, but, Wade is my favorite Choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance and I knew his choreography would be spectacular.  It was, and Kupono and Ashley danced it extremely well.

Ade Obayomi & Melissa Sandrig: 
That was gorgeous to watch.  She was exquisite.  He had the strength to support her.  Everything flowed well.

Max Kapitannikor & Kayla Radomski:
Considering the fact that she has never danced Ballroom before, she was super-incredible.  I looked at her more than I looked at him.  I noticed he was doing his thing.  She was a firecracker.

The dance routines that I thought weren’t quite as good:

Vitolio Jeune & Asuka Kondoh:
I was thinking for a Broadway Routine, there wasn’t enough umph.  The entire dance was too much even-keeled.  I kept hoping for some spectacular moments, but, there didn’t seem to be any.

Jonathan Platero & Karla Garcia:
I thought she did a really great job, but, I didn’t think he was keeping up with her.

Tony Belissimo & Paris Torres:
I think I would have liked this one better if I hadn’t seen Phillip and Jeanine’s Hip Hop routine first.  I thought they did a really good job, but not nearly as good as Phillip and Jeanine.  I liked the choreography in Phillip and Jeanine’s Hip Hop routine much better than the choreography in this routine.

Brandon Bryant & Janette Manrara:
The judges seemed to really like this routine.  I thought Janette was spectacular, but, I thought Brandon was boring.  I realized his strength was helping Janette be able to do all of those incredible lifts, but, I kept thinking he should be doing more.

Written by:  Dawn Perucca










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