American Idol, Season Finale, Adam Lambert vs. Kris Allen, May 19, 2009

When American Idol, Season 8, was selecting the top 36 Contestants, this Season.  I thought Adam Lambert was going to do really well, but, I thought, he was going to dress and sound about the same each week, and after a while, he would be bland, even though he is extremely entertaining and different.  He has not been bland at all, he has been extremely versatile.  He taps into lots of different emotions when he performs.  Variety, an unbelievable amount of talent and the ability to deliver in a way that will delight those who witness him are what he is made of.  I thought Kris Allen wasn’t going to make it into the top 12.  I thought his 1st performance that was among the 1st group of 12 was not a standout performance.  I remember that Kara DioGuardi commented that she knew he could do better than that because he had done better than that.  As the Season progressed, I thought, he had some really great performances and some that weren’t so great.  I always think in the back of my mind, however, that Sanjaya stayed in the American Idol, Season 6, way longer than I thought he should and I figured he must have been appealing to the young female voters.  During American Idol, Season 8, I kept thinking, Kris Allen is going to be in this competition for awhile because I think he is going to be the one who will appeal to the young female voters.

I was surprised that the final 2 Contestants were not Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey.  I thought Danny Gokey performed significantly better than Kris Allen during the Season overall.

Before tonight’s show, I was thinking there is no way Kris Allen could beat Adam Lambert, he doesn’t stand a chance.

After Adam Lambert performed his 1st song, I thought he did an incredible job and there would be no way Kris Allen would be able to top him.

Then Kris Allen performed and I thought he sang way better than I thought he would.  I did not agree with Simon Cowell.  I did not think he out-performed Adam during the 1st round, but, I thought he was in the competition and I could see why people would be voting for him.

After, Adam’s second song, I was thinking, “Oh, Yeah”, top that one Kris.

Then Kris sang and I thought he sang his 2nd song really well, however, his performance was not nearly as exciting and filled with anticipation as Adam’s song was.  I kind of knew how the entire song was going to be dilevered after the 1st few words were sang.  His song was kind of predictable.  Adam usually creates suspense.  I never know what he will do next, but, I always know he likes to add the element of surprise to whatever he does.

When Adam was singing the 3rd song, I was thinking.  I don’t really like this song.  I was expecting to like the song much more.  People have been raving about Kara’s abilities as a song writer, and this is what she came up with?  I guess Adam is doing the best he can with it, but, I am just not getting into this song.

When Kris sang the 3rd song, I was thinking, I guess he is doing the best he can with this song, but I still don’t like the song.

I am expecting Adam Lambert to be our Season 8,  American Idol.  If he is not, I will be extremely surprised. 

Written by:  Dawn Perucca


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