Dancing with the Stars, Season Finale, Final 3, May 18, 2009

I thought all 3 Contestants, Gilles Marini, Melissa Rycroft and Shawn Johnson did a fabulous job tonight.  My recap of the entire season for Gille is that he came out of the gates very strong.  I thought he was fabulous every time he did a dance that involved romance and / or alluring a woman.  I thought he didn’t do as well when he was doing the jive or any dance that involved lots of quick kicks.  My recap of the entire season for Melissa is that she is an extremely impressive dancer, especially when she is doing lots of kicks with her legs.  She did way better than I expected her to on the 1st night of competition, especially since she only had a couple of days to prepare.  I think her height and long legs give her an advantage over Shawn.  My recap of the entire season for Shawn is that she is very precise and technically correct, however, many of her dances, especially during the beginning of the season were very cautious and too slow.  Toward the end of the Season she was getting into gear and has become an extremlely impressive dancer.

I don’t know if more women vote than men, but, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case.  If there are more women voters, I think that will give Gilles a big advantage.  I have a feeling Gilles Marini will win.  I think Gilles deserves to win, but, I don’t think he has a big lead over Melissa or Shawn.

I ranked tonights performances as follows:

1.  Gilles Marini
     I think he is a phenominal male dancer who definitely takes the lead and provides
     a fabulous frame for his partner.  He knows how to connect with his partner.  He
     is even modest.

2.  Shawn Johnson
     I thought Shawn out-danced Melissa by a little bit tonight, but, when I compare
     Shawn and Melissa over the entire season, I think Melissa has out-danced Shawn.
     I think Shawn is an incredible dancer when she adds speed too her routines.

3.  Melissa Rycroft
     I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching every one of her dances this season.  I think
     she has enourmous potential.  She obviously puts a lot of time and effort into
     being as good as she can be.

I think the winner will be Gilles Marini.  I think the runner-up will be Melissa Rycroft.  I think if the results are different than that, it won’t be a huge upset, they are all deserving of great rewards.

Written by:  Dawn Perucca


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