Dancing with the Stars, Week 10, Final 4, May 11, 2009

I thought we saw some really hot performances during tonights Dancing with the Stars Semi-Finals!!!

1.  Gilles Marini
     What more could you ask for?  I thought he was steaming.

2.  Melissa Rycroft
     She’s a beautiful dancer.  I think what the judges were trying to tell her is that
     her dances tonight, lacked some umph and precision.  Shawn Johnson had umph
     and precision during her 1st dance.  Even though the judges didn’t give her 10’s
     I really enjoyed both of her dances and thought she did an excellent job.

3.  Shawn Johnson
     I was extremely impressed with her 1st dance (The Tango).  I thought she
     out-danced Melissa during the 1st round of dances.  I really loved the lifts they
     did.  During her second dance, I loved the outfits, I thought she did a great job,
     however, I kept noticing how much Mark Ballas was out-dancing her.  It seemed
     like they weren’t matching each other enough.  I loved watching Mark dance the
     2nd dance, but, I thought it made her dancing look like it wasn’t up to par.

4.  Ty Murray
     During his 1st dance, I kept thinking his movements looked jerkey.  He severely
     lacks fluidity.  I would have rather watched Lil Kim dance.  During his second
     dance, when he started trying to shake his hips, I thought it looked like he was
     wearing a girtle that was too tight and he was just trying to get the girtle to stretch
     out and be looser.  It was humerous, but, not impressive for me.

I really hope the 3 that make it into the Dancing with the Stars Finals are:  Gilles Marini, Melissa Rycroft & Shawn Johnson.

Written by:  Dawn Perucca


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