Dancing with the Stars, Week 8, Final 6, April 27, 2009

1.  Lil Kim
     I love a great Tango and I thought this was a great Tango.  Her fiestiness
     was back.  Now, I think she will feel comfortable with letting loose.

2.  Gilles Marini
      I thought he did a great job; I was just a bit more wowed by Lil Kim tonight.

3.  Chuck Wicks
     Great hip action.  He is really seeming like he is a Latin Dancer except for his
     arms.  Sometimes he was using his arms, but, they were stiff.  Sometimes, his
     arms were just meandering around.

4.  Shawn Johnson
     Technically all there, but, I thought this one was a yawner.  Last week she was
     dancing like she was young and vibrant.  This week, she was dancing like she was
     middle aged.

5.  Ty Murray
     He did waaaaaaaaaay better than I thought he would.  He is actually coming to
     life.  His biceps are impressive too.  However, he still seems like he is too stiff.

6.  Melissa Rycroft
     I really hope she gets enough votes to stay in the competition.  Even though their
     practice dance from this morning was unpolished, she is an incredible dancer. 
     Most of the time I am very impressed with her dances.

Team Mambo:  I really liked it, especially the ending.  I was surprised their scores
from the judges weren’t higher.

Team Tango:  I really liked this one too, however, I thought their scores from the judges were going to be lower because I thought Ty seemed stiff during this dance too.  I thought his dancing was going to bring the entire group down.

Written by:  Dawn Perucca


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