American Idol, Week 7, Final 7, April 21, 2009

WOW!!!  I was extremely impressed with Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, Matt Giraud, Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta.  I thought they were all incredible.

1.  Adam Lambert
     During the beginning of the song, I was thinking, “I know he is not going to
     be subtle throughout the entire song, I don’t know if the beginning of the song
     will be slow and the end will be up-tempo or what, but, I know he will do
     something to shock the audience”.  He did shock me.  Not with changing to up-
     tempo or wild dancing around the stage.  He shocked me with all of the emotion 
     he injected into the vocals.  He is always very interesting and I am always anxious
     to see what he will do next.

2.  Danny Gokey
      I loved the song.  I loved the way he sang it.  I loved it that he was having
      a great time on stage.  He was very interesting to watch. 

3.  Matt Giraud
      When he is singing this style; I am a huge fan.  I hope he continues to perform
      this type of song and style.

4.  Kris Allen
     I was extremely impressed with him this week.  I loved the vocals.  I loved the
     background music.  I loved how he changed the song and made it original and

5.  Allison Iraheta
     I liked her performance much better this week than last.  I think the five that I
     just listed all have the potential to become very successful recording artists.

6. Anoop Desai
     I liked his performance this week much better than what he did last week.  I think
     the competition is way too stiff for him to be able to keep competing this season.

7.  Lil Rounds
     I appreciate the fact that she did much more performing and tried to connect with
     the audience, however, if I had closed my eyes and listened to her vocals, then
     listened to Shaka Kahn’s vocals on the same song.  There would have been no
     comparison.  Lil didn’t do the song justice in my opinion. 

     I thought it was tacky that she tried to argue with the judges publicly 2 weeks in
     a row.  I think if all 4 judges are telling her she needs to be more unique and
     original,  she shouldn’t talk to them like they are wrong and don’t know what
     they are talking about.  The judges are trying to help her figure out how she can
     improve.  If she doesn’t comprehend what they are saying or doesn’t agree with
     what they are saying she should address that when American isn’t watching.

There has been previous American Idol Seasons when I wasn’t extremely impressed
with any of the guys.  This year I am extremely impressed with 4 of the guys.

Written by:  Dawn Perucca


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