Dancing with the Stars, Week 7, Final 7, April 20, 2009

I thought some of the Contestants really upped their game tonight.

1. Melissa Rycroft:
    I thought it was mezmerizing.  Her legs were precise and incredible.  I couldn’t stop
    watching.  I loved the choreography.

2. Shawn Johnson:
    This is the Shawn I’ve been waiting to see.  She finally came to life.  She was fun
    and energetic.  She had pizzazz.  I loved the choreography.

3. Gilles Marini:
     He really took charge and led Cheryl Burke.  One of the things some of the guys
     struggle with is taking the lead.  Some of them tend to let the professional lead
     them.  I loved it.  I just thought he was not as precise as he could have been.

4.  Chuck Wicks:
      This was the Chuck Wicks I’ve been waiting to see.  I really liked this
      choreography.  I thought he danced it really well.

5. Lil Kim:
     I thought she did a great job, however, it seemed like she gave all of her pizzazz to
     Shawn Johnson.  She normally puts her own signature on whatever dance she is
     doing.  This time, her dance seemed kind of generic.

6.  Ty Murray:
      I thought he really improved this week.  I thought he did a real nice job.

7.  Lawrence Taylor:
     I was not impressed with him this week.  It seemed like the dance steps he was
     given to do were very basic.  Edyta was twirling around him most of the 
     time,  while he wasn’t doing much.  Sometimes, he was losing his posture and 
     didn’t know what he should do with his arms between dance steps.

I loved the Sixties group routine.  I was impressed with this chroeography.

Written by:  Dawn Perucca


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