American Idol, Week 6, Final 7, April 14, 2009

When this Competition had 13 Competitors still competing I was thinking
Danny Gokey would become our next American Idol.  I was thinking he
would appeal to more of the voters than any of the other Contestants would. 
I was thinking Adam Lambert stood a chance of beating him, but, I thought
Adam is so unique that he might not appeal to a large enough audience.

Tonight I was thinking, Adam Lambert is going to be our next American
Idol.  Tonight, I thought he left everyone else in the dust.  I thought he was
truly incredible.  I am liking him more and more as the Season is progressing.

I personally ranked tonights American Idol Contestants as follows:

1.  Adam Lambert
     (by more than a mile).

2.  Danny Gokey
      I thought his performance was excellent, I completely disagreed with Simon Cowell
      when Simon said it was too boring.  It wasn’t boring at all.

3.  Lil Rounds
      I really liked how she sang the song and how she changed the song. 
      I think Simon is expecting her to suddenly become as unique as Adam
      Lambert is or something.  I don’t think she should concentrate on being
      extremely unique.  I do think she should be very careful about choosing
      songs that will really showcase her voice.  I think her voice is her
      golden ticket.  Her ability to perform is not her forte.  If I was listening
      to this song on the radio tonight, I would have loved it.

4.  Allison Iraheta
      I wasn’t as impressed with her this week as I have been other weeks and
      I am not sure why.  Perhaps because the song was repeating lyrics and I
      was hoping for more variety.

5.  Kris Allen
      I thought he did a really nice job, especially for a song I didn’t even know. 
      I liked it, but, I wasn’t blown away.

6.  Matt Giraud
      I was disappointed with him this week.  I thought he chose the wrong
      song.  I thought Kara DioGuardi was right  when she said he shouldn’t
      flip back and forth from rock to Bluesey Soul.  He should concentrate on
      what he does best and do the best job he can do with that.  He is one of
      my favorite Contestants this season, yet, he is not consistent.  

7.  Anoop Desai
      Compared to the other Contestants, I thought he was boring tonight.

Written by:  Dawn Perucca


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