Dancing with the Stars, Week 5, April 6, 2009

The following is how I personally ranked the Competitors. It is not how I think the votes will roll-in.

1. Gilles Marini
    I think I am not alone, according the the long ovation
    he received when I say, ‘that was a Grand Performance’.
    I think he is going to win this Competition. He is the
    opposite of Ty Murray. He knows how to move his
    body. He is the total package when it comes to

2. Melissa Rycroft
     I thought it was beautiful and I loved the
     Choreography. When the judges started harping on
     her mistakes, I was thinking, ‘What are you even
     talking about. I didn’t notice the mistakes’.

3. Lil Kim
     For me, she is very interesting to watch. She adds
     flare to everything she does. She is not boring. She
    can also dance.

4. Shawn Johnson
     Even though she is very precise and a great dancer, I
     feel like she is a little bit boring to watch. She doesn’t
     add flare to her dancing.

5. David Alan Greer
     I love the Choreagraphy and I love it that he is willing
     to do extra dance moves that are over and above the
     basic steps. He tries to make the routine interesting to
     watch. I agreed with Bruno when he said he looked like
     he was lifting his leg like a dog lifts his leg near a fire
     hydrant, but, I didn’t care much about that because he
     made the dance interesting to watch.

6. Chuck Wicks
     I thought he improved and did a much better job with
     his arms. Compared to Gilles, however, his dancing
     seemed a bit amateurish.

7. Lawrence Taylor
     I felt like even though he seemed powerful, there
     wasn’t enough dramatic start and stop from one move
     to the next. For me it was a little bit like he must have
     been thinking. Okay, I finished that move, I guess, I’ll
     do the next one.  Instead of an intense move, a pause, 
     then another intense move.

8. Ty Murray
     I felt like it looked like someone had used masking tape
     to make X’s on the floor where his feet were supposed
     to be placed. Somehow, he was managing to get his
     feet on the X’s, but, had no idea what he was
     supposed to do with the rest of his body.

9. Steve-O
     I thought this was his best performance and he
     improved dramatically. However, he doesn’t have
    good posture. Ty does maintain his posture. Steve
    held more of a wet noodle posture.



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