Dancing with the Stars, Week 4, March 30, 2009

Some were hot, some were not!!!

1. Gilles Marini
I like it like that. I’d love to dance with him!!!

2. Melissa Rycroft
She’s great and I think she is improving

3. Lil Kim
WOW, I loved it, great job.

4. Shawn Johnson
I loved the acrobats. I thought her dancing was lacking because she doesn’t use high leg kicks or big movements.

5. Ty Murray
He has really improved. He did way better than I thought he could.

6. David Alan Greer
He did better than I thought he would. I think he has really been improving.

7. Chuck Wicks
I thought he did really well, but, didn’t do anything to WOW the crowd. He just sort of blended-in.

8. Lawrence Taylor
I thought he did a good job, but, the Tango is not his specialty. With the Tango, part of the drama comes from being slow, then quick, then slow then, quick.  I thought he wasn’t making dramatic changes in speed. I also thought many of his movements were too small.

9. Holly Madison
I thought she improved this week and did better than I thought she would. The judges apparantly didn’t think she did better this week.

10. Steve-O
I think he is lead footed, lacks rythm, musicality, coordination and light-heartedness. Other than that, he did all right.

11. Steve Wozniak
Karina did a phenominal job. He made her look great anyway.

Dawn Perucca



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