American Idol Top 10, March 25, 2009

This week my personal ranking of the Contestants is as follows:

1. Adam Lambert
I was extremely impressed, not only with his voice, also with his unpredictability, ablitly to change his entire style, ability to change the song so tastefully. WOW!!!

2. Matt Giraud
I have heard other people try to sing Marvin Gaye’s song, ‘Let’s Get it On’ many times and I always thought none of them did it justice because Marvin Gaye put so much Romance and emotion into the song. Other people seem to try to make the song too robotic. Matt, however, gets it. He put plenty of feeling and romance into the song. I absolutely loved his version.

3. Allison Iraheta

I was extremely impressed. She sang the song at just the right pace. I was paying attention to the words she was singing, even though I already knew the words in the song, and it seemed like she really understood what the song was all about and knew how to portray that to the audience.

4. Danny Gokey

He doesn’t seem as polished as some of the other Contestants to me. However, I always seem to be rooting for him because he seems like he is so much fun, so likeable and he seems like he would be really easy to be around. I really enjoyed his performance.

5. Lil Rounds

I really liked her performance, however, I think the judges were right when they said, she should have chosen a song that was slower and show-cased her voice more.

6. Kris Allen

I think he did a great job with singing and interpreting the song, however, I think he lacks stage presance. He is not as interesting to watch as some of the others.

7. Anoop Desai

I thought he sung the song beautifully. It gave me chills. However, I think he will need to be more interesting to watch. I think he was concentrating on singing the song so much that he wasn’t interacting with the audience.

8. Michael Sarver

I realize Smokey Robinson told him this song is all about his last desperate plea with his woman and he needs to put a lot of ‘umph’ into it. I thought he was singing it in high gear the entire time and the song lacked emotion because it was all powerful. I thought he should have had some tender moments or some type of variation within the song other than all of it being all-out-full-blast.

9. Scott Macintyre

I liked it that he did a faster tempo song this week. I thought he improved this week. I thought he did a pretty good job, but, just can’t compete with the others because the competition is stiff.

10. Megan Joy

Last week, I was extremly impressed with her and was shocked by how much she impressed me. This week, I thought this song did not suit her at all. I thought she should have sung something that was slower so she could inject more emotion into the song.

Dawn Perucca



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