Guaranteed Weight Loss

How to achieve Guaranteed Weight Loss

This Information is for Anyone who is Serious about Losing Weight and Keeping the Weight OFF!!!

If You want to know exactly what you need to do to Lose Weight Permanently, keep reading!!!

* A Lean Body

* A Healthy Body

* The ability to be very active every day

You no longer need to wonder how the Hollywood Stars become so lean and beautiful.

You no longer need to wish you could lose the fat.

You no longer need to be jealous of people who have lost weight.

Now you can become the one people are admiring and asking, “What did you do to drop the weight and look so great?”

This blog contains comprehensive information regarding how different people who have different body types, different genetics and different life experiences can all learn how to lose weight.

How do the Lean Celebrities get to be in such Great Shape?

You have probably noticed popular magazines such as, ‘People’, donning covers that claim they can teach you what, Beyonce Knowles, Britney Spears, Renee Zellweger or Jessica Simpson do to get into shape. Once you purchase the magazine and find the article inside, you realize the article only provided you with perhaps a sample of what each star claims they ate one day and perhaps a few paragraphs that give you a brief description about what each person does to try to get into shape.

You have probably noticed Magazine Covers claiming they are going to tell you how stars like Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman or Jennifer Lopez dropped weight quickly after they gave birth. These star’s pictures are also plastered on web pages and the television screens and lots of people claim they are going to tell you how each person got back into shape quickly. All of these reports never really give you enough information to learn how the stars do it and what you would need to do to achieve the same results.

Do you think you don’t have the type of Genetics that will allow you to be able to Lose Weight?

After hearing and reading reports like these you are likely to think some or all of the following:

* Those people were just born with great genetics.

* I couldn’t do it because I have bad genetics.

* I couldn’t do it because I am too old.

* I couldn’t do it because I am not athletic.

* I couldn’t do it because I am not interested in exercising.

* I couldn’t do it because I don’t have the time.

* I couldn’t do it because I am surrounded by people who eat junk food all of 
   the time.

* I couldn’t do it because everyone in my family has a weight problem.

* I couldn’t do it because I crave sweets all of the time.

* I couldn’t do it because I crave salty foods all of the time.

* I couldn’t do it because I don’t have enough self-discipline.

* I couldn’t do it because other people demand all of my time and attention.

* I couldn’t do it because I have never been able to stick-to any diet or
    exercise program in the past.

There are countless reasons many people think they aren’t capable of losing weight.

I used to think I would never be able to be lean again. Many of the weight loss attempts I made failed or gave me trivial results. I thought my body wasn’t able to burn fat for one reason or another. I did have success with losing weight on a low carb diet, however, that diet stole my energy from me. It seemed like I had really tried lots of different ways to get rid of my fat; but, I was losing the battle. I used to think all of the Hollywood Stars were just born with great genetics or didn’t have much of an appetite.

When I was 43 years old, my left eye started hurting. The pain kept getting worse. I saw an Ophthalmologist who sent me in for an MRI. The MRI detected I have a brain tumor.

Long story short: I was put on steroids for 2 ½ months to decrease the swelling around my left eye and brain. The steroids made me very hungry. I was eating a lot during the day and I was waking up a couple of times every night to eat full meals. I frequently felt like I was going to faint if I didn’t eat right away. I gained weight quickly.

My tumor was biopsied and the biopsy results revealed that my tumor is non-cancerous. It is a type of tumor that I could have been born with or it could have appeared when I was a young child.

The biopsy didn’t cause me any permanent physical damage, however, after the biopsy, I had a lot of pain in the area of my tumor and I got some major headaches, especially when I did strenuous exercise.

Before I realized I had this tumor, I had lost most of my energy from being on a low carb diet. Once I was on steroids and laying around for 2 ½ months I became dramatically more lethargic. I had aching muscles all over. I hated how I felt.

When you decide to make Physical Fitness be a High Priority in your life, that is when you will be able to achieve a Fantastic Physical Fitness Level!!!

I decided I was going to do whatever I needed to do to lose the weight. I tried exercising and kind of watching my calorie consumption for the first 5 months. I didn’t lose any weight. I increased my exercising to 1 hour a day, 5 days a week. I still didn’t lose any weight.

I didn’t think I could eat any less than I had been eating because my appetitie was too big. It seemed like I get more hungry than most people do. I don’t lose my appetite when I get sick. I never feel like skipping a meal. I am usually starving as soon as I wake up in the morning.

I was determined to find a way to lose weight some other way than the low carb diet. I knew I would lose my energy again if I started doing the low carb diet again.

I began researching the topic of weight loss immensely. I researched many different sources. I read about it. I listened to people speak about it. After pondering what I should do for many months; I finally came up with a new meal plan that I hoped would work for me.

One year and 2 months after my biopsy, I finally began eating a completely different way. I was skeptical that it would work. I didn’t even weigh myself for about a month after I began this new meal plan because I didn’t want to be disappointed again.

When I did weigh myself, I was shocked that I was 4 pounds lighter than I had been in a long time.

I continued to consume my new meal plan and the numbers on my bathroom scale continued to decrease.

I was also amazed that eating this way was much easier to do than eating the low carb diet was. I was now able to consume a large variety of foods. Consuming fruits, berries and vegetables every day is part of my new meal plan. Eating small, frequent meals is part of my new meal plan. Not consuming calories for 2 to 3 hours before I go to sleep each night is part of my new meal plan.

My Meal Plan allows me to have some Chocolate and some other types of Sweets

I even get to cheat a little bit. Occasionally, I have a little bit of chocolate or a little bit of naughty food; but, I try to consume those types of foods early in the day.

I have learned that you can get away with being a little bit sloppy with what you eat early in the day; but, should be very careful about what you consume late in the day.

As I lost weight; I was noticing that the pain around my tumor was decreasing dramatically and the intense headaches I had been getting had become significantly less. For many months now, I have been able to do intense exercise without getting a major headache. Sometimes I get mild headaches now. Sometimes, I am able to exercise significantly and not get a headache at all.

I am astonished by how much better I feel now than I felt 2 years ago. I truly believe now that diet and exercise are the fountain of youth. I am a true believer that the likelihood of acquiring major health problems like Diabetes, Heart Failure, Stroke and Cancer can be dramatically lessened with a proper diet, exercise and maintaining a reasonable weight.

Because I did dig into a mountain of information about how to lose weight. I stumbled across quite-a-bit of information that explained how the Actors, Actresses and other Celebrities who are extremely lean achieve those goals.

I learned that they really work at getting into shape. They are very careful about what they eat and how much they eat every day. Most of them consume 3 small meals and 2 or 3 snacks every day. The Stars put a lot of effort into being in the kind of shape they are in; but, that is not the only reason they succeed; they, have learned from Personal Trainers and the people they work with who have also needed to get into great physical shape, what types of diets work and what types of diets don’t work.

Crank-up your Metablolism

I have finally discovered a diet that works. Eating small amounts frequently is one of the things you can do to increase your metabolism. Going a long time without eating, allowing yourself to become famished, then stuffing yourself will slow down your metabolism.

Before I decided to change the way I was eating; I didn’t believe I would ever be able to be lean again. Fortunately, I discovered that it was possible for me to become lean again. Even though I am 45 years old now. I know how to lose weight and keep it off. I know that If I tighten the control I have over my diet and increased the amount of exercise I have been doing; I could have even greater weight loss results. My body is capable of losing weight, I just needed the right strategy. The way I had been eating, the times of the day I had been eating and the types of foods I had been eating were keeping my metabolism low. My new meal plan has revved-up my metabolism.

If you would like to know more about the details of my eating plan:

My books: ‘Dawn Perucca’s Weight Loss Memoirs’ and Dawn Perucca’s Weight Loss Crash Course’ along with my ’Dawn Perucca’s Crash Course audio CD’ are available at:

Written by: Dawn Perucca


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