Dancing with the Stars – Week 3, March 23, 2009

This week, I thought it was becoming more obvious, which of the contenders will be around until the end. In my opinion, some of them can really dance and some of them don’t stand a chance.

I personally ranked the Contestants in the following order:

1. Gilles Marini
If every guy in the World danced the way he danced tonight, I think there would be more dance clubs in this World than bars. And those dance clubs would be filled every night.

2. Melissa Rycroft
I ranked her and Shawn Johnson pretty closely, however, I ranked Melissa higher because she just seems to make a bigger impact and seems to be having so much fun while she is dancing.

3. Shawn Johnson
Graceful and flawless once again.

4. Lil Kim
I think she has the ability to be a final contender.

5. Chuck Wicks
I thought he did a great job.

6. David Alan Greer
He’s starting to come out of his shell and flaunt.

7. Lawrence Taylor
I thought he did a really good job. He can definitely dance.

8. Ty Murray
I thought he improved dramatically. After the first week, I thought he didn’t stand any chance of staying in this competition very long. Tonight, however, I thought, he does have the ability to stick around if he really works at it.

9. Denise Richards
I thought she declined from last week. I think the Latin styles of dance are not suiting her. I think she lacks rythm and hip action.

10. Holly Madison
I did think she had the ability to become a good dancer. Now I am not so sure.

11. Steve – O
I think it is a shame that he has gotten injured. Tonight, he didn’t even seem like someone who could play a role in a scary movie. Tonight, I thought he seemed more like he was just shuffling around in a pair of slippers.

12. Steve Wozniak
I didn’t think this was his worst performance and I did like the body rolls. He has a great attitude.

I think as the show progresses we will be seeing some really awesome routines.

Dawn Perucca



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