Does your Food become Energy, Muscle, or Fat?

Whether or not the calories you consume become energy, muscle or fat depends largely on whether or not you have a Healthy Diet.  It depends on what types of foods you consume, the timing regarding when you eat what and whether or not your calorie consumption is less than, the same as or more than your body’s calorie maintenance level.   How active you are is also an important factor.


If you want to have more energy; consume fibrous carbohydrates frequently. Some fibrous carbohydrates are: brocholli, green beans, spinach, canteloupe, apples, pears and bananas. Fibrous carbohydrates give you energy and keep your blood sugar levels elevated much longer than starchy carbohydrates.  Small portions of fibrous carbohydrates should be consumed frequently every day.


Some starchy carbohydrates are white bread, white pasta, cookies, candy, cakes and pies. The starchy carbohydrates cause your blood sugar levels (whether you are a Diabetic or not) to rise and fall very quickly.  The starchy carbohydrates, if consumed in moderation, can help give you energy.  An excellent time to consume them is immediately before you exercise and / or immediately after you exercise.  Noone, however should consume the starchy carbohydrates in large quantities. Many of the starchy carbohydrates are not a good source of nutrients.

Some of the starchy carbohydrates, like white potatoes and sweet potatoes, are loaded with nutrients and are good to consume in moderation, however, consuming too much at once will cause your blood sugar level to rise and fall very quickly, which will force your pancreas to be over-worked. Forcing your pancreas to work too much on a regular basis will increase your liklihood of becoming a Diabetic.  Diabetics who consume lots of starchy carbohydrates will have a very difficult time with keeping their blood sugar levels within a normal range.  Diabetics who consume large quantities of starchy carbohydrates will be likely to have dramatic upward and downward blood sugar level swings.  Starchy carbohydrates should be consumed infrequently and in small quantities.

People tend to be more resilient to the effects of anti-biotics and need larger doses of medicines when they consume large quantities of starchy carbohydrates.


Protein is what people need to consume in order to build muscle.  Protein doesn’t stay in your system that long, and consequently, should be consumed in small quantities, frequently.  When people are very active and don’t consume enough protein, their bodies will be likely to burn muscle as well as fat.  Losing muscle will slow down your metabolism.  One pound of muscle burns about 35 calories per day and 1 pound of fat burns about 2 calories per day.  Consequenlty, the percentage of muscle you have in your body dramatically effects how much food you can consume and remain the same weight.  If you consume protein and are not active at all, your body will not be likely to build muscle.  The combination of protein and activity are necessary to build muscle.


Consuming the good fats (fats found in seafood and nuts are examples) helps your body burn fat.  Everyone needs to consume some fats.  Consuming too large of quantities of the saturated fats can dramatically increase your risk of heart disease and other major health problems.  Consequently, consuming the saturated fats (they are usually found in French fries and deep fried and breaded foods) should be done in moderation.

If you are consuming more calories than your body is burning, your body will be accumulating muscle or fat.  Your age, body type, types of foods you are consuming and activity level will be the main factors regarding whether or not your body is developing muscle or fat. 

If you are burning more calories than you are consuming, your body will be losing muscle and / or fat.  Your age, body type, types of foods you are consuming, and activity level will be the main factors that will determine whether you are losing  muscle or fat.

In summary, small and frequent consumption of fibrous carbohydrates will help keep your energy level high.  Small and frequent consumption of protein will help your body be able to maintain and build muscle.  Consuming the good fats helps your body be able to burn your existing fat.  Keeping your intake of starchy carbohydrates and bad fats to a minimum will really help you maintain a healthy weight and avoid or minimize major health problems.

My meal plan encourages a Healthy Diet.  It recommends the consumption of the proper portions of the various types of foods and my meal plan promotes eating small meals every 3 hours for women and every 2 1/2 hours for men.  My meal plan can be found in both of my books, ‘Dawn Perucca’s Weight Loss Memoirs’ and ‘Dawn Perucca’s Weight Loss Crash Course’ and in my ‘Dawn Perucca’s Weight Loss Crash Course Audio CD’.  Both of my books and my Audio CD can be found at my website:

Dawn Perucca


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