American Idol – Week 2, March 17, 2009 Ranking

The following is how I personally ranked how the American Idol Contestants performed this week.

My ranking is not how I think the voters will vote.

I have been ranking the American Idol Contestants every season. I recently decided to post these rankings on my blog.

I love how much uniqueness there is among the Contestants this year.

I loved most of the performances tonight.

Some of the Contestants really surprised me and performed much better than I was expecting them to.

My ranking this week is as follows:

1. Matt Giraud
Not only is he unique, unpredictable and awesome on the keyboard. He did put the Gusto into his performance that I thought was lacking last week.

2. Danny Gokey
During the beginning of his performance, I thought he was being too safe and boring. I was really hoping he would let-loose at some point during the song. He did!!! During the 2nd half of the song he delivered. At that point he grabbed and held my attention.

3. Anoop Desai
I closed my eyes and just listened. What I heard was truly beautiful.

4. Megan Joy
She really surprised me. She did change her vocals somewhat.  I loved it.

5. Allison Iraheta
I think she has incredible vocal ability and she is definitely not boring. She held my attention throughout the entire song.

6. Adam Lambert
I think he is brilliant when it comes to being original, unique and inginuitive. His imagination must be way out there. I just really enjoyed the past couple of songs I have heard him sing, much more than this song. This song, I think, was just a little bit too different for my personal taste.

7. Lil Rounds
I think she has enormous potential and incredible vocal abilty, I think the song she chose didn’t show-off her vocal abilities enough.

8. Kris Allen
I thought this was a beautiful song and I loved what he did with it, however, I thought he didn’t grab my attention as much as many of the other contestants did.

9. Alexis Grace
I really like her, but, tonight, I was not as impressed with her as I have been earlier. I love the song, ‘Joline’ and I loved the way she sang it, however, the competition is stiff and I think she will need to throw-in more of her own personal uniqueness in order to beat some of the other contestants.

10. Michael Sarver
Out of these 11 Contestants, I think he is the one who seems like a Country Western Singer the most. Country Western Music is so popular that I think he is automatically going to have a huge fan base. I think he will not get voted-off this week. I did not personally enjoy his performance as much as I did 9 of the other Contestants tonight.

11. Scott Macintyre
I think he is too predictable among these other unique Contestants. I think he will need to change something he is doing in order to hold the audiences attention.

Last week, Kara DioGuardi said she thinks probably 3 of these Contestants will be on the Radio eventually. I think 5 or 6 of these Contestants will be on the Radio eventually.

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