Dancing with the Stars – week 2, March 16, 2009

The following is how I personally ranked the contestants based on tonights performances, or in Steve-O’s case, DVD footage.

1. Gilles Marini – Cheryl Burke
Easy on the eyes, pleasant personality and he can dance.
I have a strong inkling, lots of females would love to dance with him.

2. Melissa Rycroft – Tony Devolanti
Entertaining, fun, she seemed to be having blast, and she can dance. I think one of her advantages is that she can do the high leg kicks. That will help her in many of the dance styles.

3. Shawn Johnson – Mark Ballas
I thought she did an awesome job. She was flawless and she can really dance, however, I thought she should have used larger movements and should have been less conservative since she was dancing a Latin dance.

4. Lil Kim – Derek Hough
She can dance!!! She has great facial expressions. She is expressive and has great timing and flare. I think she just needs to work on fine tuning what she is doing.

5. Lawrence Taylor – Edyta Sliwinska
I thought he was greatly improved and I could see that he has the ability to dance. I think he just needs to spend more time doing it before he will be able to ad more flare and pizzazz.

6. Chuck Wicks – Julianne Hough
Even though the Judges criticized him for not doing enough, I enjoyed watching him dance. I think he has great potential.

7. David Alan Greer – Kym Johnson
I thought he was imroved, but, lacked making a grand impression.

8. Denise Richards – Maksim Chmerkowski
I thought she was greatly improved and she is also able to do the high leg kicks. She did seem to feel much more comfortable on the stage. I think she will keep improving.

9. Ty Murray – Chelsie Hightower
I was pleasantly surprised. I thought he did a much better job than I thought he would. I still thought he was too stiff. I have a feeling he will struggle with the Latin dances.

10. Holly Madison – Dmitry Chaplin
I thought she did a good job, but, still lacks grace and fluidity.

11. Belinda Carlisle – Jonathon Roberts
I thought she improved quite-a-bit, however, she doesn’t seem comfortable with what she is doing and it appears to me that she is trying to concentrate really hard while she is dancing. She doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself.

12. Steve-O – Lacey Schwimmer
I think it is a big shame that he got injured. Although I think Dancing is never going to be his gig, I think he could be a really entertaining character in a scary movie or sitcom.

13. Steve Wozniak – Karina Smirnoff
He seems to be enjoying himself.

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