Dawn Perucca’s American Idol Rankings – Week 1 – 2009

I realize, of course, American Idol is not directly related to fitness, weight loss, the consumption of starchy carbohydrates, exercise or health at all.

I just happen to love watching American Idol and I love to rank the contestants each week. Usually how I personally rank them is different from how the votes roll-in.

The folllowing is how I personally ranked the American Idol Contestants from week 1, 2009.

1. Danny Gokey
Not only is he entertaining, likeable and able to sing
really, really well. He is original and unpredictable.
Each time he performs, he is somewhat different than
he has been in the past.

2. Adam Lambert
I think he is an incredible singer who is extremely
entertaining. I keep thinking he belongs with the
group, ‘Queen’, or a group like them. I think he is
more predictable than Danny Gokey and I think he
could use the fashion police. I would be okay with
the dark, dreary, grungy look once in awhile, but, I will
get tired of seeing the gloomy, halloween costume-
like outfits every week. I don’t expect him to wear
pink or peach, but, I’d rather he didn’t look like
someone who would be really scary to pass in a dark

3. Lil Rounds
I think she is an incredible singer who reminds me of
Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn and Dinah Washington
and I really love those singers. They are classic
singers who don’t become outdated. I am anxious to
hear what Lil Rounds will sing next.

4. Alexis Grace
I think she is awesome and has incredible potential.
She sings with deep emotion. I thought she over-did
it this week, however, I think she should soften-up
her singing and attire a little bit.

5. Allison Iraheta
I think she is an incredible singer who has enormous
potential. I was more impressed with her last week,
however. This week, I thought she was a little bit too
heavy meatalish.

6. Matt Giraud
I think he is awesome. I love to listen to him sing. I
just thought he was a little bit too subdued. I think
he needs to crank it up a notch and be a bit more

7. Kris Allen
He is really great and adorable. I think he will be
popular among the young female voters. (I think
there are an aweful lot of young females sending in
American Idol votes, so I think we will be seeing him
for quite-a-while. He seems so approachable and
next doorsy. I think he could crank it up a bit and
come out of his shell a bit more.

8. Michael Sarver
I think he can really sing. His voice sounds
awesome. Obviously, the judges were very
impressed. I personally thought his performance was
kind of boring. I was more impressed with some of his
earlier performances.

9. Jorge Nunez
I think he is doing an awesome job and it is great to
see how excited he gets. I would like to see him
become less cheerleader like when he is singing. So
far, it seems like he sings songs that are so fast and
upbeat that he doesn’t throw that much emotion into
them, his songs seem almost like they are from a rah,
rah, shish boom bah team.

10. Jasmine Murray
I think she has enormous potential, but needs more
experience. She doesn’t seem very comfortable on
the stage yet. She seems like she is very nervous
when she is performing.

11. She’s quirky and interesting. She has a great voice,
she isn’t boring, however, I think she is predictable
and her performances are going to all seem to be
about the same after awhile.

12. Scott MacIntyre

I really enjoy wathcing him perform, however, I have a
problem with how he pronounces some of the words.
It seems like he is not speaking clearly.

13. Anoop Desai
I think his voice has a great sound to it, but he
seems unpolished. I think he needs more experience.

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