Free Weight Loss Report

Dawn Perucca has just launched her brand spankin’ new books titled:

Dawn Perucca’s Weight Loss Memoirs (55 pages of text)


Dawn Perucca’s Weight Loss Crash Course (14 pages of text) She has also created an audio CD that is the same information in her Crash Course Book.

At the age of 45, Dawn decided she was going to do whatever it took to get back into great shape. She had tried many different programs that weren’t working. She finally threw herself into a high-gear search for all the weight loss information she could find.

During March 2008, she began a new eating plan. That is when her fat started disappearing and her muscles grew. The few health problems she had been having also did a big turn around when she improved her physical fitness level.

Dawn’s meal plan is designed to dramatically increase metablolism, help your body be able to burn fat, help your body be able to grow muscle, help your body burn more calories while you are at rest. This weight loss plan is flexible. It is designed to help peole lose weight who are young and already have the ability to lose weight fairly quickly. It is also designed to help the people who have the mesomorph body type, don’t have much percentage of muscle in their body and / or are older. In other words, even, the people who have a more difficult time with losing weight can learn how to increase their metabolism and burn fat with this weight loss plan.

This weight loss plan allows you to eat small frequent meals, lots of variety and it even allows you to consume some naughty foods in moderation if you consume them at the proper times.

To check out Dawn’s website, which has just been overhauled with new text and some yummy pictures, Dawn’s books and audio CD, or to receive Dawn’s:


Dawn is also at:
Twitter: starchycarb123
Facebook: Dawn Perucca


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  1. Tom Says:

    Really interesting blog thanks.

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