Why do most people gain back the weight they have lost?

Did you know that as you age your body naturally loses muscle. Did you know that sometimes when you are dieting you aren’t just losing fat; you may also be losing muscle? Did you know that for every pound of muscle in your body, you need approximately 35 calories per day to sustain that muscle and for every pound of fat in your body, you need approximately 2 calories per day to sustain that fat? If your body contains a lot of muscle; your diet will need to contain substantially more calories than if your body doesn’t contain much muscle. Strength Training, for most people, is the physical fitness strategy that can cause the most weight loss, yet, it is also the strategy most people don’t do when they are trying to lose weight. When people lose weight from dieting alone. They may be losing some muscle as they lose some fat. Also, the more you weigh, the higher your metablosism will be. It is easiest to lose weight at the beginning of a diet because your metabolism will be higher then. As you lose weight your metabolism will slow down unless you gain muscle mass as you lose weight. Once you stop dieting. All of a sudden your metabolism will be slower than it was before you dieted and you may now have less muscle mass. These are the 2 main reasons people often gain back more weight than they lost.

Aerobic Exercise burns more calories during the workout than Strength Training Exercises do. However, Strength Training workouts have a much greater, after-the-workout effect than Aerobic Exercise Workouts do. Both Aerobic Exercises and Strength Training Exercises play very important roles.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise: Aerobic Exercise is any exercise you can do while you carry on a conversation. While you are doing this type of exercise your body is using oxygen to help you exercise. (fast walking or bicycling at a slow speed are examples of aerobic exercises.

* Strengthens your heart and lungs

* Strengthens your bones, ligaments & tendons

* Improves muscular endurance

* Improves your bodies ability to use sugars and fats more efficiently

* Improves your bodies ability to process and extcrete waste

* Increases metabolism

* Reduces body fat

* Reduces bad cholesterol and blood pressure

* Reduces nicotine cravings among smokers

* Reduces risk of heart disease, diabetes & other major diseases

* Reduces stress

* Combats Depression

* Provides ample energy

Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise: Anaerobic Exercise is any exercise you can do that is so strenuous you will be unable to have a conversation while you are doing it. Your body is unable to use oxygen while you are doing this type of exercise and must use your bodies energy reserves. (Sprinting and Power Lifting are examples of anaerobic exercises.

* Increases muscle mass & muscle strength

* Improves bones density

* Improves Cardio-Respiratory System

* Improves your HDL good cholesterol levels helps prevent Type II Diabetes

* Dramatically improves your bodies calorie burning rate while you are at rest

* Improves your bodies ability to withstand build-up of waste substances

Your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) accounts for about 70% of the number of calories most peoples burn each day. Improving the percentage of muscle you have in your body can increase your bodies ability to burn calories. Personal Trainers recommend that when people are trying to lose weight, their approach should be to reduce their daily caloric intake a little bit (too much would slow your metabolism), do Strength Training Workouts 3 times each week; but not 2 successive days and do Aerobic Workouts 2 or 3 of the days you are not doing Strength Training Workouts. Losing weight and successfully keeping the extra weight off requires, for most people, increasing their muscle mass, which helps increase their metabolism tremendously. Not eating frequently enough can slow down your metabolism. Extreme dieting will slow down your metabolism. Losing muscle mass will slow down your metabolism. People who increase their muscle mass are much more successful with losing weight than people who don’t increase their muscle mass. If you have had unexplained weight gain in the past; increasing and maintaining your muscle mass should really help you not gain back weight again. Increasing and maintaining your muscle mass also helps most people lose weight fast.

If quick weight loss is on your agenda; record your calorie consumption every day and try to make sure your diet is in a calorie deficit do 3 Strength Training Workouts every week; but, not on 2 consecutive days and do 2 or 3 Aerobic Workouts each week on the days you are not doing Strength Training Workouts.

Written by: Dawn Perucca

http://www.thesoccerlockersite.com, www.dawnperucca.com


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