How much time and effort should I expect to exert in order for me to lose weight?

Getting into Shape reguires dramatically more time and effort than most people realize. Countless weight loss attempts come to a screeching halt because the person who is trying to lose weight thinks they can’t do it. Many people give up quickly when they are trying to get fit with a diet and/or exercise program and think they are destined to be heavier than they’d like to be because of their genetics. ‘Why should I even try since everything I have tried doesn’t work’, is what many people think. The first step in successfully completing a weight loss program is understanding exactly what it is that you need to do to lose the weight. Don’t let the following information discourage you. The benefits you receive from becoming physically fit with aerobic and anaerobic exercise are tremendous. Also, most people don’t realize this, but, if your body consists of a high percentage of muscle; you will need to eat a lot of calories each day. The difference between how many calories an extremely muscular person can consume without gaining weight and how many calories a non-muscular person can consume without gaining weight is humongous. The human body needs about 35 calories per day to sustain 1 pound of muscle and about 2 calories per day to sustain 1 pound of fat. Increasing the amount of muscle you have in your body can make an incredible impact on your bodies ability to burn fat.

If a person who is 16 years old, doesn’t have any major health problems and has been lean their entire life starts exercising strenuously for about 45 minutes, 5 days each week for three months; they will probably be in really fantastic physical condition. If that same person remains extremely active until they are 20 years old; then aquires a semi-active lifestyle that doesn’t include any strenuous exercise on a regular basis. They might coast along for many years thinking they are in great shape and in the back of their mind; may even think if they applied themselves; they could workout strenuously for another 3 months and be in the same great shape again. That’s one of the ways people have a tendency to deceive themselves. It is not as easy for someone who is 26 years old to get into shape quickly; as it was for that same person when they were 16 years old. There is a general rule of thumb that can be used as a basic guideline to help you comprehend how much time and effort you will need to expend to get back into great shape; that considers your age.

If you have not let yourself become excessively overweight; for every year that you have not been doing strenuous exercise on a routine basis; estimate that you will need to do strenuous exercise; routinely for 1 month to get back into great shape. This rule is intended to apply to the majority of people. There are exceptions to the rule. Some people could get back into shape more quickly. Some people would need to apply more time and effort. If you are a part of this majority; you are 35 years old and have never done any strenuous exercise your entire life. Your goal may be to get back into the kind of shape you were in when you were 20 years old. Plan to spend 15 months doing strenuous exercise for about 45 minutes, 5 days per week. Realize everyone has a different idea regarding what strenuous exercise is.

Another general rule of thumb is if you are able to do the exercises you are doing for more than 45 minutes; your workout is not intense enough. In other words; no matter what type of exercises you are doing. If you don’t feel like you really did a great workout after you exercised for 45 minutes; you should increase the intensity of your exercises. If your workout is not intense your body will stop burning calories shortly after your workout has ended. If your workout is extremely intense and difficult and you feel like you really completed a difficult workout for a long time after your workout ended; your body will be burning calories; for a long time after your workout; ended. This information is important to comprehend because many people do the same non-intense workouts; over a long period of time and don’t realize significant weight loss results. The long and slow workouts are great for days when you are behind on sleep, injured or tired from doing an extremely intense workout the day before. People who do about 3 highly intense workouts each week, however, are much more likely to realize rapid weight loss results than people who don’t do any intense workouts.

Another big piece of the puzzle, when it comes to knowing what you need to do to achieve successul weight loss, is to thoroughly understand how many calories you are consuming and expending each day. The best way to know how many calories you are consuming every day is to write them all down in a journal every day. If you have never recorded all of the calories you consumed in one day; you might be extremely surprised when you do. Most adult women need to consume 1800 to 2200 calories to maintain their same weight. Most adult men need to consume 2200 to 3000 calores per day to maintain their same weight. It is difficult to estimate how many extra calories you used each day with exercise, however, if you are doing extremely intense workouts 3 days each week and long slow distance workouts 2 or 3 days each week during the same time period that you are keeping your calorie intake somewhat lower than the amount of calories your body needs each day you are definitely on your way to achieving a much leaner body.

The second step in successfully completing a weight loss program is to begin your well thought-out workout and diet plan and keep your momentum going until you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Whether you are trying to achieve success with you personal endeavors, business endeavors or physical fitness endeavors; continuing to overcome obstacles over time will increase your chances of prevailing. This approach is definitely true with a weight loss program. Finding new ways to realize positive results will help you reach your goals of getting into shape.

Written by: Dawn Perucca,


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