What Types Of Solid Foods Should A Baby Eat First?

In today’s Society, many people are completely clueless when it comes to realizing what bad side effects can result from consuming a large portion of processed foods every day.  These same people seem to not be afraid to feed babies lots of processed foods.

For about the first 5 years of a child’s life, their brains are forming rapidly.  At around the age of 5, a child’s brain is almost completely developed.  A 5  year old child’s patience and many other skills won’t be mastered yet.  They won’t master most skills until they endure the necessary life experiences and have been exposed to the education  they  need to learn those talents.

During those first 5 years, however, babies and toddlers need to consume proper nutrients in order to allow their brains and bodies to develop to their full potential.

Most Pediatricians say all of the nutrients a baby needs during their 1st year of life are in their mother’s milk or in the formula.

Between the ages of 1 and 2, babies need to consume whole milk and a variety of nutrient dense foods.

After the age of 2, the child should switch from consuming whole milk to consuming 2% milk.  The child should still consume a large variety of nutrient dense foods.

Nutrient dense foods include:  fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and good fats.

Small amounts of protein should be consumed frequently because protein doesn’t stay in the human body that long.  Protein is needed to form muscles.  If enough protein is not presant, when the human body is operating in a calorie deficit; the muscles can be getting burned-up along with the fat.  Consuming  protein forces the body to build muscle and burn only fat.  Protein can be found in red meat, seafood, nuts, peanut butter, beans, milk, yogurt, cheese and eggs.

Babies and toddlers should consume fruits, berries and vegetables every day, especially ones that have intense color.  The intense color is an indication there are nutrients presant.  A large variety of nutrients are needed to help a child’s body develop and give them energy.  Babies may get rashes from consuming too many fruits and berries; so, you should monitor the quantities they consume.  The benefits they will gain from consuming fruits, berries and vegetables regularly will be tremendous.

Babies, toddlers and children can get away with eating many more processed foods than adults can.  Their bodies are growing so quickly that they can be sloppy about their calorie intake.   Processed foods tend to be tasty and convenient.  They are also low or void of nutrients.  Over time they can slow down your metabolism.  Consuming these types of foods usually doesn’t make hunger go away for very long, consequently, more total calories are consumed.  Also, very few calories are burned by our digestive system when we consume these types of foods.  Over-consumption of these types of foods over time can cause children to not consume enough nutrient dense foods, learn bad eating habits that can plague them for the rest of their lives and cause them to have many more health problems during their life times.

Some babies are anxious to consume almost any type of solid food at 4 months of age.  Our daughter refused to eat any solid foods until she was 8 months.  Then, she was interested in eating some banana, but, was slow about warming-up to other types of foods. 

Now our daughter is 2 1/2 years old.  She consumes fruits, vegetables and good protein foods every day.  One of her babysitters says our daughter is the only child she watches who will eat vegetables.  I think we taught her to like fruits, berries and vegetables because we eat those  types of foods in front of her, we serve her those foods every day and we try to keep our families consumption of processed foods to a minimum.

Dawn Perucca

www.thesoccerlockersite.com, www.dawnperucca.com


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