How to get in a decent workout at a crowded gym.

The gym I go to is always jam-packed during January.

Yesterday morning when I arrived there, none of the treadmills were available. I wanted to do a decent cardio workout. The stair machine was available. I have done the stair machine many times before, but, yesterday, I was in the mood to crank up the speed. I set the speed 2 notches higher than I had ever done it before and stayed on it for 10 minutes.

When I got off, there were a couple of treadmills available, so, I got on a treadmill and spent 45 minutes there.

This morning, when I went to the gym, I was able to get on a treadmill right away. I quickly noticed, however, that my butt muscles were too sore to stay on the treadmill too long. Yesterdays stair machine workout gave me some sore muscles. After 15 minutes on the treadmill, I decided to get off of the treadmill and do a workout on a stationery bicycle.

I know my body will benefit tremendously if I do a variety of different workouts that work lots of different muscles. I also know I am better off if I do easier workouts on the days that I have sore muscles; than if I avoid working out at all because I have sore muslces.

When the gym is crowded, I frequently have to adjust my workout plans after I arrive, depending on which pieces of equipment are available.

Some people are shy about expanding the types of workouts they are willing to do, but, being adaptable helps people get much greater results from their workouts in the long run.

Dawn Perucca


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