My song, ‘I aint got no credit cards’ is now available on the America CD

April 17, 2010

My song: ‘I aint got no credit cards’ is not available on the website. During the month of April, 2010, it is being featured on Hilltop’s homepage. You can click on LISTEN NOW next to my name: Dawn Perucca and hear the first 4 lines of my song.

The words to my song are:

I aint got no credit cards
I aint got no fancy cars
Aint got no retirement in sight
I can’t even buy a fancy dinner tonight

I got plenty of service fees
Early withdrawal penalties
My finances are one big crock
I can’t even buy a brand new clock

My wife and I both work a lot
We have College Degrees,
our parents did not
We’d like to spend time at home
to be with the little ones
But, we simply do not have the funds

Many of our freinds moved
back in with their folks
Their parents raise their kids
That’s no joke

What ever happened to the stable life
Where the dad earned enough
to feed his children and wife

Our kids gotta git College Degrees too
We can’t afford 40 grand a year, kin you?

I just missed paying another toll
That’ll be 20 dollars more, in the hole

My finances are really messed-up
Not at all like, Donald Trumps

I aint got no credit cards
I aint got no fancy cars
I aint got no retirement in sight
I gotta stay healthy, I can’t lose my mind


Exercise for Clunker Bodies

August 25, 2009

Why should you exercise? 

Exercise dramatically improves your health!!!

What types of benefits should you expect to receive from exercising?

Improved energy level, improved cholesteral levels, improved blood pressure levels, improved muscle to fat ratio,  improved appearance, improved self-confidence level, improved cash-in-your-pocket because of decreased medical expenses, improved life-expectancy.  The list of improvements you would receive goes on-and on.

Exercise dramatically decreases your liklihood for acquiring major health problems, such as Diabetes, Neuropathy, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Cancer, Blood Clots and other types of clunker health problems.

Even though most people have heard about all of the benefits they could receive from exercising regularly, they, never motivate themselves to exercise regularly.

I, unfortunately, was diagnosed with a brain tumor 2 1/2 years ago.   I was immediately placed on steroids to decrease the swelling around my left eye and brain tumor.  The steroids caused me to become very hungry 24 hours each day.  I consumed much more food during that time than I ordinarily would and I had to lay around for 2 1/2 months.  Once I was taken off of the steroids and was trying to return to being active; I couldn’t believe how horrible my entire body felt.  I wondered if that is how a lot of people feel all of the time.  I didn’t understand how anyone could stand to feel that way all of the time.  I realized then, how important, staying active is.

My brain tumor was biopsied and determined to be non-cancerous.  It is a type of tumor that I was either born with, or it began developing when I was a young child. 

While I was trying to get rid of my excess weight; I realized first- hand how difficult it is for someone who is completely out of shape to begin an exercise program.

I wasn’t able to do much exercise when I first started walking on a nature trail.  I was getting lots of sore muscles and I was feeling wiped-out for a couple of days after each workout. 

I had to listen to my body throughout my journey.  It was important for me to know when to do easy exercises, when to do more strenuous exercises and when to let my body rest and recover.

It was important for me to realize that I shouldn’t expect my out-of-shape 43 year old body to be able to do what it could do when I was in shape and 20 years old.

It was also important for me to realize that I needed to incorporate regular activity into my life permanently; therefore, I needed to design an exercise program for myself that would give me the results I wanted and would not be so difficult that I would lose interest in the program.

The goal for anyone who is just beginning an exercise program should be to increase how much exercise they are able to do gradually over time. 

Athletes who are in-shape typically alternate intense workouts with easy workouts or alternate which muscle groups they are exercising.  Even top athletes need to rest completely some days in order to let their bodies recover.

Athletes who are desperate to improve their performance level sometimes exercize too much.  Excessive exercise burns fat and muscle.   Anyone who wants to imrove their physical abilities needs to be careful to not exercise so much that they are burning muscle. 

One pound of muscle burns approximately 35 calories per day.  One pound of fat burns approximately 2 calories per day.  Accumulating muscle is one of the ways someone can increase their metabolism and keep lost weight from returning.

People who are just beginning an exercise program should do whatever exercise they prefer to do that they think they will be able to keep doing for a long time.  Walking is a very popular exercise for people who have not been exercising.  If you choose walking as your exercise; on your first day, you should do whatever amount of walking it will take to give you some sore muscles.

You probably won’t want to do any walking for exercise the next day or 2 after your first day.  Listen to your body.  Once your sore muscles have healed.  Walk again, a little bit more the next time.  If you have sore muscles from walking this time, let your body recuperate before you walk for exercise again.  Keep returning to your exercise routine every time your body feels like it has once again recovered. 

This process of overworking your muscles, then letting them repair and rebuild themselves will burn lots of extra calories even after you have stopped exercising. 

Don’t let sore muscles discourage you.  Remind yourself that those sore muscles are burning extra calories.

Over time, you will be able to keep increasing how much exercise you are able to do.  Once you are able to do significantly more exercise; you, may want to start doing a variety of different types of exercises in an attempt to build as many different muscles as you can.

When you do exercises that work the largest muscles in your body, for example your thigh muscles and your back muscles, you are burning more calories than when you are exercising the smaller muscles in your body.

Exercises that are considered to be whole body exercises (walking, jogging, sprinting, squatting + raising weights over your head and swimming are some examples) tend to burn significantly more calories than exercises that work individual or small groups of muscles.

Keep in mind that you won’t realize dramatic results from exercise if you exercise regularly for one week.  Exercising regularly for several months can produce dramatic results in a persons health, physical appearance and mental attitude.  Exercising regularly for several consecutive years can result in phenominal changes in a persons physical and mental well-being.  When you are considering exercising, you shouldn’t think too much about how the exercise will make you feel in the short run (even though exercize will give you an after workout mini-high), you should think about how the exercising will make you feel in the long run.

Reverse aging and avoid having a clunker body.  Exercise is the fountain of youth.  It really can alleviate, postpone and / or eliminate many health problems.

Written by:  Dawn Perucca

NW Indiana Times Newspaper Story about my Weight Loss

August 23, 2009

Weight-loss pursuit leads to motivational speaking

New Lenox resident creates a plan that works for her needs.
StoryDiscussion: Jane Ammeson – Times Correspondent | Posted: Sunday, August 23, 2009 12:00 am 

Diagnosed with a brain tumor, Dawn Perucca was off her feet for two-and-a-half months.  Add to that lack of activity, the steroids she was prescribed for swelling around her left eye made her ravenously hungry. After a biopsy showed that the tumor was noncancerous, Perucca still had to deal with weight gain and body aches. “I was desperate to learn how I could be lean and feel good again,” said Perucca, who grew up in Crown Point and now lives in New Lenox, Ill. “I didn’t want to ever feel helpless again and so I knew I needed to get into shape.”

Perucca had tried many weight loss strategies in the past but none had worked.  Having majored in exercise physiology at Indiana State University, Perucca combined her education with an extensive amount of research including attending nutritional classes with her husband who is a Type 1 diabetic. “I found that every time your blood sugar goes way up and then down, you’re going to feel hungry so you have to eat things that make you feel full longer,” Perucca said. Using the information she gathered, Perucca created a meal plan she hoped would result in permanent weight loss. “I needed exercise that wasn’t too intense because intense exercising was giving me headaches,” she said.

Eating six small meals a day and alternating a hard work out one day with an easy one the next, she was able to start losing weight and keeping it off. Perucca also found that she could incorporate some of the foods she loved, particularly sweets, into her new lifestyle. “I crave chocolate all the time and I knew that I couldn’t do something that didn’t include chocolate,” she says. “I learned that you can eat a little sugar if you do it at the right time. If you eat it in the morning or before you work out, you’ll probably burn it off. If you eat at night, you probably won’t. I try not to eat anything two to three hours before I go to sleep.” Perucca liked her program so much that she now has a Web site,, where people can order her e-books on weight loss as well as her audio CD. She also posts articles about weight loss on her site as well. Besides that she has a blog, “I like to hear from people about their weight loss goals and share my tips,” she said.

Do you have a weight loss story? If so, send an e-mail to

Dawn Perucca Age: 46 Height: 5’4″

Weight: 135

Pounds Lost: 38

How long it took to lose it: 9 months

Clothes size: 14 to 9

The Workout:  A hard workout one day and easy workout the next – so on easy days a stationary bike or riding a bike and hard days, tread mill and on a bike path jogging

The Diet: I just called Dawn Perucca’s Crash Course

Tip: I never realized how bad the processed foods are until I started talking to a dietician.  Any time you eat a whole food, it stays in your system longer so you don’t get hungry as quickly and the process foods are low in nutrients and make your blood sugar spike.

So You Think You Can Dance, Final 4, Finale, August 5, 2009

August 6, 2009

Out of the 4 remaining contestants on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ this Summer, I think they each stand a chance of winning.  Even though the judges nit-pick Evan quite-a-bit, I have a strong hunch he has been pulling-in more votes than Brandon.

Between Kayla and Jeannine, I think Kayla has more potential  to become an even better dancer because of her long legs and height.  I do think, however, Jeanine is a powerhouse and has had better solos than Kayla during the entire season.

I think Brandon deserves to win, but, I have a feeling he won’t.  I think his physical ability is mind-boggling.  I thought his extreme dancing abilities were especially noticeable when he was dancing side-by-side with Evan tonight. 

If I am going to name who I think will win ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ this season, I will choose, ‘Jeanine’.  I don’t have a strong feeling about this, that is just my gut feeling.

Written by:  Dawn Perucca

How many days per week should you exercise if you are trying to lose weight?

August 3, 2009

How Many Days Per Week Should You Exercise If You Are Trying To Lose Weight?

This depends on the type of condition you are starting out in. Young people who are in great condition have very quick recovery times. They can quickly ease into exercising 5 or 6 days per week.

People who are older and have not exercised for a long time are going to need a lot of recovery time, and will need to start exercising gradually.

When someone who is older and hasn’t exercised for a long time begins exercising, they may need 2 or 3 days to recover from exercising before they can exercise again.  The more someone exercises, however, the shorter their recovery time becomes and what they are capable of doing increases quickly.

I am 46 years old now. Three years ago, I was completely out of shape and carrying around and extra 35 pounds. When I started exercising again, I walked for about an hour, 3 days per week, during the middle of my walk, I jogged and counted every time I stepped on my right foot. In the beginning, I only jogged 200 steps. I did this for a couple of weeks. Next, I was stepping on my right foot 300 steps, each time I jogged, about 3 times per week. About 6 weeks after I began jogging, I was stepping on my right foot about 600 times when I jogged. I kept increasing how much exercise I was doing, but, listened to my body. I was always trying to make sure I didn’t get injured.  Any time I had sore muscles, I either just walked, rode a bicycle, exercised other muscles, or skipped exercising that day.

Any time, my muscles were no longer sore, I began exercising again.  This morning, I jogged 5.73 miles on a treadmill in an hour.  In a lot of ways, I feel like I am young again.

Exercise not only burns calories while you are exercising; if you exercise enough, or intensely enough, your body will continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours after you have stopped exercising.  The process of overworking your muscles, then allowing your body to rebuild your muscles, burns calories.

Some people are discouraged by exercising soon after they start an exercise program because of the sore muscles, time and effort it takes and perhaps the numbers on the scale don’t decrease for them right away.  When the proper amount and frequency of exercise is accompanied with a proper diet, the bodies muscle to fat ratio improves quickly.  Muscle does weigh more than fat.  Both men and women should strive to maintain or accumulate muscle.  Increasing your muscle mass increases your metablolism.

Even though lots of weight loss ads try to convince people that they can become lean or in fantastic physical condition in a short period of time. The real truth is that fantastic results are realized when someone keeps working on their fitness goal over a long period of time.

Whatever condition you are starting-out in, you should gradually try to increase the amount of exercise you are doing as your body tells you it is ready to handle more.

Body builders who are trying to gain muscle and size tend to do strength training 3 to 4 days per week, then give their body plenty of time to recover.  Without enough recovery time, their muscles will get used as a source of energy instead of built-up.

Distance runners tend to train anywhere from 5 days per week to twice a day, 6 days per week. They have a tendency to become extremely lean, because that much exercise not only burns, fat, it also burns muscle.

Both bodybuilders and distance runners become extremely lean, however, the distance runner is usually not muscular and may be likely to endure injuries because they don’t always allow their muscles enough time to recover and they constantly use-up the nutrient stores within their bodies.

Having a high ratio of muscle creates a fat burning furnace.  Increasing or maintaining your muscle mass is an excellent tool for losing weight. One pound of muscle burns approximately 35 calories per day. One pound of fat burns approximately 2 calories per day.

Written by: Dawn Perucca

So You Think You Can Dance, July 29th, Top 6

July 30, 2009

As of now, I am thinking, my favorite Male Dancer this season is Brandon Bryant.  My favorite female dancer this season is Jeanine Mason.

I have a strange feeling, that Evan Kaspirzak has been pulling in more votes than any of the other guy dancers this year.  I think he has a huge following because his own personal style, when he does his solos, is so incredible.

Even though, Brandon is my favorite male dancer this year, I think, he doesn’t make a good impression every time he is asked to speak into the microphone.  I think he would make a better impression if he didn’t talk.  The time he said he was just seeing birds and clouds or something like that when the choreographer was trying to teach him the dance.  (What kind of a comment was that to make in front of The World).

I think Ade Obayomi has enormous potential and could become way better than he already is.  However, I think Brandon is better and I think Evan has more fans.  I think Ade will be the one who will get voted-off tomorrow night.

I like everything about Kayla Radomski except for her solos.  I think every one of her solos was only fast.  Tonights was fast and spastic.  I always think she needs a choreographer, otherwise, what she comes up with will just be all at a fast speed.  When she is matched with an incredible choreographer and partner, I think she is the tops.

I love everything about Melissa Sandrig.  However, I think she does not, WOW, the audience as much as Kayla and Jeanine do.  I have a feeling Melissa will get voted-off tomorrow night.

I think Jeanine is extremely talented and versatile.  She seems to be able to do everything.  I think she is really good at hip hop. Many of the females aren’t able to do the hip hop routines well.  I really like Jeanine’s solos.

Written by:  Dawn Perucca

So You Think You Can Dance, July 22, 2009, Top 8

July 23, 2009

Tonight, my favorite male solo performance was danced by:  Brandon Bryant;  my favorite female solo performance was danced by:  Jeanine Mason

My favorite couple performance of the evening was Brandon and Jeanine’s 2nd dance of the evening.  My second favorite performance was Ade and Melissa’s 2nd dance of the evening.  I thought their 1st dance of the evening was really good, but, Ade’s technique could be improved.

I thought Jason and Kayla’s 1st dance really sizzled.  I loved the music and style of choreography.  I think Jason has really been improving these past couple of weeks.  I thought their 2nd dance of the evening (the hip hop routine) was really good too.

I thought Evan and Jeanette both did a really good job with both of their dances.

I don’t even want to rank them this week because each one has really impressed me.

Written by:  Dawn Perucca

So You Think You Can Dance, July 15th, Top 10

July 16, 2009

I thought Brandon, Ade, Melissa, Jeanine, Kayla and Janette emerged as individuals who can seem to handle anything that is thrown at them.  I thought Evan held his own.  I thought Jason was much improved.  In my opinion, Randi didn’t shine as much this week as she has in past weeks and Kupono was not prepared for tonights competition.  He seemed like he needed much more time to prepare and he seemed like he lacked strength and energy. 

1.  Jason Glover & Jeanine Mason: 
     I thought this routine was the most outstanding routine of the night.  I
     loved the choreography and the dancing was incredible.  Jason seemed
     to be using much more of the stage.  He was moving about more
     fiercely.  He seemed to be in charge.  I think those qualities are what he 
     has been lacking up until now.  I think Jeanine is extremely well-
     rounded.  She seems to be able to carry-off being quirky, fun, sexy,
     quick, precise &  mysterious. 

2.  Brandon Bryant & Melissa Sandrig:
     I was expecting Brandon to do an incredible job and he did.  I was
     expecting Melissa to not lose her ballerina quality.  I thought she 
     wouldn’t be able to appear to be someone who is dancing a 70’s
     dance.  She pulled-it-off though.  She did seem very hippy-like.  I loved
     the costumes and Melissa’s make-up.

3.  Ade Obayomi & Janette Manrara:
     I thought without Brandon as a partner,  Janette might not shine as
     much.  Out of all of the girls who have been in this competition, Janette,
     is  the one who seems the most tom-boyish to me.  I don’t think she has
     the feminine and sensual qualities that Melissa has, consequently, I think
     she will lose votes because of that.  However, she can really dance and I
     thought she danced really well with Ade.  Ade’s solos last week and this
     week really impressed me.  As of now, I am thinking my favorite male
     dancer on this show is Brandon and my second favorite male dancer on 
     this show is Ade.

4.  Evan Kaspirzak & Kayla Radomski:
     I thought the red dress on Kayla was the perfect color for her to wear.  I
     thought she was just fabulous.  I don’t know how she could have danced
     any better.  Evan danced with her better than I thought he would  I 
     was glad she was partnered with someone who has enough strength to
     allow her to do the lifts she did.  Yeah, his footwork was not
     gliding across the floor; but, I think he has a huge fan base because he
     dances a lot like Gene Kelly and when he is dancing his own style, he
     is really incredible.

5.  Kupono Aweau & Randi Evans: 
     Kupono did not impress me tonight.  I think he should be the one who
     gets voted-off tomorrow night.  I felt bad for Randi, because she has
     done some really amazing dancing before tonight.  I felt like she and
     Kupono were not clicking.

I have a feeling Kupono and Randi will be voted off tomorrow night. 

I really don’t have a favorite female dancer this year.  I love them all.

Written by:  Dawn Perucca

So You Think You Can Dance, July 8th, Top 12

July 9, 2009

Tonight I have to say, my favorite couple was definitely Brandon Bryant and Janette Manrara.  Tonight I am going to try to rank the couples 1 through 6.

1.  Brandon Bryant & Janette Manrara:
     They were awesome with both routines!!!

2.  Ade Obayomi & Melissa Sandrig:
     I think she is exquisite and he adds extra personality and flavor to the
     dances.  He is not bland.

3.  Jason Glover and Caitlin Kinney:
     I thought they both improved this week.  I’ve liked her every week.  In the
     past I have thought he wasn’t keeping up with her.  I thought he closed the gap
     some tonight.

4.  Kupono Aweau & Kayla Radomski:
     I think Kayla is close to flawless.  I think Kupono’s creativity is great, but, he
     seems to lack physical strength sometimes.

5.  Phillip Chbeeb & Jeanine Mason:
     I was surprised the Judges were as excited about Phillip tonight as they
     were.  I thought he was looking unpolished.  I thought Jeanine was phenominal.  
     Jeanine has impressed me every week.

6.  Evan Kaspirzak & Randi Evans:
     I love Evan’s style of dance and quirkiness, yet, this week, it seemed like
     he wasn’t keeping up with Randi.  It seemed like many of his moves should have
     been bolder.  I think they will be in the top 10 this year because I am sure Nigel
     Lythgoe wants them to be in the top 10.  I thought Randi did an incredible job

I’m anxious to see who Brandon will be partnered with next week.  I’d really like to see him dance with Jeanine or Randi. 

Out of all of the females who are still competing on So You Think You Can Dance, I don’t know who should go home because I like them all.  Out of all of the guys who are still compteing on So You Think You Can Dance, I think Kupono is probably the weekest link.

Written by:  Dawn Perucca

So You Think You Can Dance, July 1, Top 14

July 2, 2009

This week, I am ranking 3 of the couples in the top group, 2 of the couples in the middle group and 1 of the couples in the bottom group.  I am unable to rank one of the couples because I was unable to view their performance.

Top 3 couples:

Brandon Bryant & Janette Manrara:
WOW, they were both incredible.

Ade Obayomi & Melissa Sandrig:
WOW, they were both incredible

Kupono Aweau & Kayla Radomski:
I think they are making an excellent couple.  Her legs are so eye-catching.  One of her advantages is her height and her long legs.  I thought he improved this week.  I really loved the choreography.

Middle 2 couples:

Vitolio Jeune & Karla Garcia:
That was the best Choreography I have ever seen for a quick step.  I agreed with Nigel Lythgoe, when he said Vitolio didn’t keep the up-down quick step movement going throughout the entire dance.  I was impressed with both of them.

Jason Glover & Caitlin Kinney:
I really liked it, I thought they both danced it really well, especially Caitlin.  The Choreography was so unusual that I think this dance won’t appeal to all of the voters.

Evan Kaspirzak & Randi Evans:
I’m a big fan of both of these individuals, however, since these 2 short people performed immediately after Kayla was showing off her long legs.  They just seemed like they were unable to make a big statement with their movements.  It seemed like a lot of their movements were not expressed as dramitically as they should have been.

I am unable to rank Phillip Chbeeb and Jeanine Mason:
I was so excited when I heard they were going to be dancing hip hop.  I was really anxious to see it, then, I got a phone call that I needed to take.  I have a hunch they were awesome and I would have ranked them among the top Group.  Hopefully, I will be able to view it on or later.

Written by:  Dawn Perucca